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Interacting with our neighbors here at Makom Hadash has led to real collaborations, idea-sharing, and networking opportunities we never would have had outside of this space.  — Michael Hopkins, Executive Director, Nehirim

As the sole employee of a volunteer-run organization, residency in Makom Hadash has been incredibly valuable both personally and professionally. Being here, in an environment with colleagues working for organizations with congruent visions and values to Limmud NY – and who are able to offer advice and a helping hand when necessary – has transformed a potentially isolating work experience into an experience where I really feel that others have got my back. — Daniel Infeld, Director of Programming and Operations, Limmud New York

Interested in applying to join the Makom Hadash community?

If your Jewish non-profit organization has moved past the start-up stage in program, budget, staffing, and governance, and needs office space in New York City, or if your smaller or out-of-town organization would like a community and office resources to use on a drop-in basis in New York, we encourage you to fill out the form below to get in touch and learn more.

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